Kelly Walsh A C A D E M I C S

Kelly Walsh High School has one of the most outstanding academic traditions in the State of Wyoming. KW is known as a leader throughout the state in Advanced Placement offerings, college credit courses, career and technical education, technology, fine arts, math, world languages, social studies, and science. Kelly Walsh annually produces contest winners in academic competitions throughout the state and region.

Academic Departments

The Kelly Walsh Business department's goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to enter the business world or pursue a business/technical degree at the post-secondary level. The department sponsors student chapters of DECA and Skills USA that have long traditions of excellence in Wyoming State competitions including dozens of State Champions, many top-ten finishers at national competition, and several national champions. Courses in our Business program include Microsoft Computer Applications, Marketing, Financial Literacy, Accounting, Cisco Networking, Web Design, Introduction to Business, and Business Publications.

The Kelly Walsh Career and Technical Education department prepares students for the future. As one of the top CTE programs in the State of Wyoming, Kelly Walsh has produced numerous state and national contest winners in fields from automotive troubleshooting to technical drafting. The instructors help students create something that they can be proud of and discover their hidden passions. Courses in our CTE program include Agriculture, Auto, Computer Aided Drafting/Engineering, Electronics/Robotics, Film & Television, Welding, and Woods.

The Kelly Walsh Computer Science department is the most extensive in Wyoming. Kelly Walsh offers coursework in programming, web design, networking, cybersecurity, and software applications. Computer Science courses at KW are led by teachers with real-world, industry experience and based on the most current standards and best practice. Kelly Walsh offers more computer science courses in more areas than any other school in Wyoming.
Our Offerings:
3 Programming Languages - Python, C++, Java
Cisco Networking - complete CCNA courses 1,2, & 3
Cisco Cybersecurity
Microsoft Office Suite (computer applications) - MOUS certification training
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
3D Modeling / Engineering Drawing - SolidWorks & Autodesk Revit
Web Design level 1 and 2 - HTML,CSS, & JavaScript.

Traffic safety education introduces students to the skills and knowledge required to drive safely. In Traffic Safety Education, students will learn the "rules of the road", emergency driving procedures, parking of all types, and basic vehicle control. As part of the course, students will spend 30 hours in the classroom, 20 hours on our driving simulators, 2 hours at our driving range, and 1 hour driving on the streets of Casper. The driving range allows students at KW to practice parallel parking, angle parking, perpendicular parking, backing up, backing around corners, and turnabouts in a safe environment. The driving simulation lessons are directly tied to lessons from the text and allow students to "drive" in a fully interactive virtual city.

It is the mission of the Kelly Walsh High School Family and Consumer Science Department to provide multiple opportunities for learning through hands on activities and developing confident, productive, and responsible community members. The goal of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department is: "To help students survive and thrive in the real world" By building strong families - (Family Life / Child Development) By building strong relationships - (Family Life / Child Development) By taking care of themselves - living a healthy lifestyle - (Foods I/II) By preparing healthy and nutritious meals for themselves and their family - (Foods I/II) By gaining vocational skills - (Catering / Fashion Design / Interior Design)

Kelly Walsh’s fine arts programs are making a difference by building a stronghold of powerful thinkers. They embrace students’ rights to be individuals; the fine arts help students acknowledge their own talents. Not only does it help students graduate, it builds their minds and creativity. Courses in the Fine Arts department include all types of 2 dimensional and 3 dimension art as well as photography.

The mission of Kelly Walsh High School Language Arts Department is to prepare every student in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening by implementing research-based, best practices. The Kelly Walsh Language Arts department offers a wide variety of courses from basic english to college credit AP courses The purpose and goals of the Language Arts Department are to make the basic communication skills of each student stronger. Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are three major standards on which we focus; all of our course offerings require students to meet a balanced proficiency in those areas. The strength of our programs is that we have a very qualified faculty, all of whom bring something different to the department; yet each member of the department is focused on the task that they need to do and very dedicated to see that it happens. We also offer kids who are interested in journalism the opportunity to pursue their interest in that area and also we offer forensics and debate for students who want to advance their speaking skills, and who are interested in competitive debate.

The Kelly Walsh math department offers a wide variety of course offerings from basic pre-algebra to advanced placement calculus. Also offered in our department is a full line of computer science courses. The mathematics teachers at Kelly Walsh High School are devoted to improving student performance in mathematics by…
–Using delivery techniques that encourage the student to be an active participant.
–Transforming the teacher's role from lecturer to coach.
–Providing content that is relevant to the learner as well as relevant to the demands of the work place.
–Implementing standards-based instruction.
–Integrating the various strands of mathematics. (i.e. Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry)

The Kelly Walsh High School Physical Education Department has received numerous recognitions for our innovative approach to modern-day Physical Education. With our highly motivating ideas as well as award winning state and regional educators. We have received the Wyoming's Governor's Award for the best Physical Education Program in our state for our hard work and exhilarating and enthusiastic ideas in our field. We have assisted many Wyoming School Districts as well as schools outside Wyoming by implementing a similar "Choice Based Physical Education Program" driven by our student's choices of activities we offer to them each semester. Our enrollment in Physical Education has steadily increased since 1992-the first year we implemented "Choice Based Physical Education" classes. Some 24 years later, we are turning away students wanting to sign up for our classes. We are also proud of two other classes we offer: Conditioning Education, and Swimming. Students pick activities of their choice, and teachers teach to their strength; a win-win situation. Come join us for a quality Physical Education experience!

The Kelly Walsh Science Department offers a wide variety of courses from basic Biology and general sciences to Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and can be taken for college credit. The equipment used in the classroom is top notch and improves learning by demonstrating how the world functions. The science department also sponsors the First Robotics Club that competes in state and national competitions.

Social Studies is a vital area of study for students in becoming informed citizens of Wyoming, the USA and the World. The Kelly Walsh Social Studies department is committed to helping students earn the 3 required social studies credits for graduation. There is also a variety of elective courses offered; Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Leadership and US Contemporary Issues (Holocaust). Four AP courses are offered; AP United States History, AP European History, AP Government and AP Psychology. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that include; History Day, We The People, and Model United Nations.

The Special Education Department of Kelly Walsh High School works with students ages 14-21 to develop academic skills and readiness for adult living. All students served through the Special Education program have an active Individualized Education Plan or IEP. These plans are developed by collaborative teams and determine the courses and accommodations needed for student success. Based on the IEP team process, students are recommended for placement in various programs. Each student with an IEP is assigned a case manager.

The Kelly Walsh World Languages Department offers courses in 4 different languages at all levels from beginner to advanced. The department has an outstanding tradition of excellence. Every year, students from KW compete at regional and national language competitions and perform at a very high level. The World Language department offers courses in ASL(American Sign Language), Japanese, Spanish, and French.

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