About Us

"Preparing All Students for their Next Step"
Creating High Expectations, Academic Rigor, and Personal Responsibility
WE VALUE Character, Integrity, Respect, & Accountability
Kelly Walsh High School is the largest secondary school in Casper, Wyoming with approximately 1800 students grades 9 - 12. Kelly Walsh is known for an outstanding academic tradition and has consistently produced National Merit Finalists, state and national academic competition winners, and a large number of graduates each year with college credit and advanced placement (AP) course work. In addition,the school has an outstanding athletic history. Kelly Walsh offers 22 varsity athletic teams that compete in the largest Wyoming classification. Kelly Walsh emphasizes involvement, offering many opportunities to connect students to their individualized interests and school community.
We believe in our "4 Pillars":Academics, Acceptance, Activities, Athletics.
"Everybody Counts"

Head Principal Mike Britt
It's not the bricks and concrete that make Kelly Walsh great. It's the people that show up here everyday.

Faculty & Staff

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Adams, Carla - Copy Center
Alvar, Tracy - Cafeteria Manager
Ambrosino, Annette - Registrar
Asay, Chris - Fine Arts

Bader, Jill - Freshman Facilitator
Barkell, Stacey - Math
Barreda, Anne - Foreign Language
Barrett, Ginger - ESP
Bekke,Christi - Business
Bell, Linda - Recovery Lab
Benabise, Lynnette - Custotian
Birkle, Kathy - Cafeteria
Bonck, Sharon -ESP
Bouchier, Sandy - Science
Booth, Karenna - Language Arts
Box, Jo - IT Technician
Brainard, Mike- Tutor
Brauchie, Larry - TOSA
Brauchie, Nancy - Science
Brazfield, Michelle - IF
Brus, Kaylee- Spec Ed.
Buckley, Jack - Custodian
Bunton, Clarissa - Library
Burdess, Joel - SPED
Burns, Dawn - SPED
Byer, Becky - Math

Campbell, Melissa - SPED
Carlsen, Carol -Tutor
Carlson, Sue - Math
Casterline, Christine - Study Hall
Chadderdon, Bryan - Science
Chambers, Katie-ESP
Chavez, Frankie -Head Custodian
Chavez, Jeff - Industrial Tech
Chavez, Yvette - ESP
Choma, Marial - Counselor
Christensen, Julie - Custodian
Christie, Amy - SPED
Clark, Andrew - Custodian
Cochrane, Alisa - ESP
Coffman, Terri - Athletic Secretary
Collins, Kensey - ESP
Conine, Seth - Math
Cordonier, Jamie - Assistant Principal
Coventry, Bryan - Language Arts

Davis, Lori - Cafetria
Deacon, Kelli - Athletic Secretary
Delaney, Chris - Tutor
Delaney, Shawn -Social Studies
Delinger, Dee Dee - ESP
DePaolo, Gary-Fine Arts
DeVore, Jennifer - SPED
Diller, Brad - Principal
Dillon, Nic -SPED
Donovan, Mike -Math
Dow, Lucas - Industrial Tech
Dudack, Mike - Science
Dudley, Adam - Campus Security

Eggleston, Genee - SPED
Elder, Krista - Custodian

Feiler, Joe - Industrial Tech
Finch,Tammy - PE
Findley, Johanna - Math
Flammang, Bryce - Business
Fleming, Marc - Social Studies
Flicek, Kindle - Science
Foery, Susan - SPED
Franklin, Dezi - ESP
Frederiksen, Becky - Cafeteria
Freymuth, Tim - Language Arts

Gamble, Laura - SPED
Gilbert, Suzy - ESP
Glock, Grant - Fine arts
Gloen, David - IF
Gottschim, Candy - Custodian
Gunderson, Jim - Tutor
Groves, Debra - At Risk Secretary
Grundhoffer, Brandi - ESP

Hageman, Kyra - FACS/ Tutor
Hamilton, Loretta - Attendance office
Haroutunian, Hrant- Social Studies
Hawley, Kathi - Secretary
Hawthorne, Kerri - Accounting Specialist
Hebert,Dustin-Language Arts
Heid, Susan - Cafeteria
Hendricks,Steve - Secondary Administrator Manager
Henry, Chris - Drivers Ed
Higgins, Desiree - Foreign Language
Hilde, John - Resource
Hodgins, Jennie - Custodian
Hof, Dan - SPED Consultant
Houston, Alice - Science
Howery, Steve - Lang. Arts

Itzen, Carla - Language Arts

Jacobs, Julie - ESP
Jerding, Cassidy - History
Johnson, Chelsea - Athletic Trainer
Jolly, Hannah - SPED

Kalinowski, Isaac- Fine Arts
Kasza, Paul - Science
Kennedy, Traci - Fine Arts
Kerns, Maggie- ESP
Kerns, Mary - Language Arts
Knaus, Nita - Cafeteria
Koch, Eric - Custodian
Kudlak, Veronica - ESP

Lattimer, Todd - PE
Lijewski, Jenifer- PE
Littel, Karen - Fine Arts
Lunemann, Tom - ESP

Malody, Heather - Math
Marshall, Luanne - 9th Facilitator
Masterson, Liz - Language Arts
Matthies, Kathy - Career Center
McAfee, Denise - Attendance Clerk
McCoy, Inga - Foreign Language
McCoy, Jeannette - Tutor
Meyers, Ryan - Interpeter
Miller, Bridger - Physical Education
Miller, Hannah - Language Arts
Mills, Bobbie - Campus Security
Murdock, Jason - Language Arts

Nathan, AJ - Athletic Director
Neely, Kathy - Asst. Principal
Neuenshwander, Natalie - Custodian
Niegisch, June - Cafeteria
Nogle, Brooke - Physical Education
Nolan, Maria - Foreign Language
Norberg, Pamala - ESP

Oates, Sally -Physical Education
O'Brien, Sally - Social Studies
O'Connor, John - College Facilitator
Olsen, Chase- Tutor/PE
Olsen, Mary Beth - Cafeteria
Owens, Ryan - Industrial Tech

Pater, Tracey - ESP
Patterson, Kara - SPED
Peak, Travis - Art/PE
Pickering, Park - Industrial Tech
Pickinpaugh, Linda - SPED
Platt, Patty - Counselor
Pribbernow, Michelle - Resource

Quiett, RC - ESP

Ramirez, Melanee- Office Records Clerk
Rate, Marla - Nurse
Ready, Andy - Campus Supervisor
Realing, Jerry - Science
Reed, Brandie - Language Arts
Reimer, Duane - Business
Rivera, Ryan - Math
Roberson, Alicyn - Science
Robinson, Ally - ESP
Robinson, Becky - SPED
Robinson, Lance - Custodian/Stage Craft
Rodabaugh, Tom - Math
Roden, Randy - Science
Rooney, Katrina - Fine Arts
Rose, Amy - Assistant Principal
Rose, Brent - Fine Arts

Sanchez, Jim - Tutor
Saylors, Amanda- Counsler
Sanger, Malonye - Career Center
Schafer, Brandon - Social Studies
Schanck, Ben - Social Studies
Schell, Casey - Math
Schell, Jessie- Agiculture
Schilling, Sue - Social Worker
Scott, Donna - FACS
Searcey, Nancy - Secretary
Sheley, Katy - Science
Shive, Doris - SPED
Sims, Micheal- PE
Slensker, Deborah - Counselor
Slotsve, Kaoru - Foreign Language
Smith-Herron, Tabitha - Librarian
Spaulding, Jim - Math
Stimson, Kelly - Resource
Stover, Duane - Custodian
Stricklin, Bart - PE
Strube, Devon- Social Studies
Sucher, Laura - Cafeteria
Sutton, Mary - Secretary

Teague, Brandy - SPED
Theobald, Ted - IF
Thompson, Jill - Business
Tipps, Jamie - Language Arts
Tobin, Tammy - Foreign Language
Tripp, Lea - Custodian
Trujillo, Rick - Costodian
Trupp, Todd - Science
Tuomi, Sara - Math
Tyson, Lisa - SPED

Underwood, Becky - Math

Vance, Jon - Industrial Tech
Villascas, Manuel - constodian
Volker, Paula- Social Studies

Wassink, Tanya - Social Studies
West, Kevin - ESP
Werner-Parker, Brittany - ESP
White Eagle, Perry - PE
Whitley, Jolene - Counselor
Wiginton, Lynnette - Instructional Facilitator
Williams, Beth - Math
Williams, Trish - Science
Wilson, Lacey - Language Arts

Yeigh, Aaron - SPED

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School Song

Stand Up and Yell You Trojans,
Hail to Green and White.
We'll Show Those Brave Trojans
That We'll Back Them
and Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight.
Trojans of Kelly Walsh, Forever True We'll Be.
We'll Stand Shout and Holler Out For Victory!

Contact Information

Main Switchboard: (307)253-2000
Main Fax: (307)253-2066
Attendance Office: (307)253-2189
Attendance/Activities/Athletic Fax: (307)253-2066
Activities/Athletic Office: (307)253-2159
Counseling Office: (307)253-2190
Counseling Fax: (307)253-2012
Library: (307)253-2015
Nurse: (307)253-2026