Daily Announcements

There are racks of clothing in the hall near the Campus Security.  We have tons of things that need to find a home. Students and staff are encouraged to stop and take what they would like as the year comes to an end.

Mrs. Reed nominated Ella Reed.  Ella is so smart; she works so hard and always pushes herself while smiling the whole time.  I wish every student could be as positive and hard working as Ella.

Ms. Roberson also nominated Ella.  Ella Reed is the pinnacle of kindness and positivity.  In every waking moment, she looks for the good in others and always acts in love and compassion.  She was telling me a story of how she was stuck in the snow with her dad and wouldn’t leave her puppy behind so she was willing to hike 7 miles back to town.  Ella always speaks positive things about everyone. Please see Mrs. Asay for your t-shirts!

Anyone planning on taking AP Euro next year please see Mr. Shafer in room 1417 1st Block on Friday or 1426 2nd Block, TC and 4th Block